New Norwegian Anti-discrimination Act

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August 26, 2015
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February 10, 2016

New Norwegian Anti-discrimination Act

In her keynote Tuesday, senior adviser in the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, Anne Folkvord, talked about the current work of the Norwegian government on a new law on discrimination and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Anne Folkvord conferenceTen Norwegian non-governmental organisations signed a declaration yesterday, demanding that the new anti-discrimination act, among other things, include discrimination with the ICT sector. Geir Lippestad, general secretary in an organisation for people with hearing disabilities, commented:

– We’re afraid this law will only be an empty shell with no real effect if important areas like ICT and transport are not included in the law.

Anne Folkvord, from the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, said that ICT will actually be included in the law proposal:

– The action plan on Increased Accessibility has several areas of priority, Folkvord said. – The priority sectors are buildings, developed outdoor areas, ICT, transport and labour. So ICT will be one of several sectors touched by the proposal.

According to Mikael Snaprud, associate professor at Agder University College and organiser of the T4P’07 Conference, a lack of standardization and accessibility on internet could lead to discrimination of people with disabilities.

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